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Hooray for #bobandgeorge! - Thoughts in Chaos

About Hooray for #bobandgeorge!

Previous Entry Hooray for #bobandgeorge! Dec. 8th, 2004 @ 04:01 pm Next Entry
<Kailieann> Time for a new experiment
<Kailieann> aI an m trypoubbbdd wiutrhg rvhdfrrebwehhile mttbeeet er acklios dderfdc
<Kailieann> That's supposed to say "I am typing using my nose while my eyes are closed"
* stephenvitale has joined #bobandgeorge
<stephenvitale> any single girls in here
<Mud> lol me
<Striker> ...
<Ettin> Yes
<Nil-Kemorya> ...
<Kailieann> Yes, but we're all lesbians
<Ettin> Why?
* Scout sighs
<Sting> Sadly, that's a fact.
Ettin> Kailieann is correct.
<stephenvitale> really?
<Scout> Kaili's words are completely true XD
<Mud> except
<Sting> It's horrifyingly true.
<Sting> There's, maybe, one straight female here.
<Ettin> Lyrai, for example
<Nil-Kemorya> Does Box even count?
<Kailieann> Calantha
<Ettin> And Tarage
<stephenvitale> any that arent lesbos
<Mud> Don't even bring Box into this
<Velcant> Lyrai's not straight, she's crooked beyond all reason.
<Kailieann> Hey, Box is 13 now. That's close enough to legal
<Scout> Lyrai's bi, I've got PMs to prove it
<Sting> X3
<Mud> >XD
<Nil-Kemorya> o_O
<Mud> I doubt that
<stephenvitale> any single girls in here
<stephenvitale> any that arent lesbos
<Striker> `op
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Striker
* stephenvitale was kicked by Striker (Out with you.)
<Esper[afk]> Lyrai's a gal... as is Kai.
<Esper[afk]> And both are straight as far as I can tell.
<Kailieann> =O
<Esper[afk]> I'm sorry, Kai... am I mistaken? :o
* Kailieann facepalms
<Kailieann> Omex is gonna kill himself laughing when he hears this XD

Esper, (*)
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Date:December 9th, 2004 03:06 am (UTC)
See? Esper didn't know, that's why I kept saying I'd have your children if you gave me guilty gear pictures.


*Commits Seppuku*
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