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Previous Entry More AIM logs Aug. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:43 pm Next Entry
A discussion between me and Neko about To Heart/2. For contextual purposes of the first few lines, I shall explain that Neko has had a longstanding quest to get the original To Heart game translated.

Neko: Ive found a group.
Neko: Theyre willing to translate H games.
Kailieann: To Heart 2 is already half translated
Neko: $100-$300 american. Depending on how big it is and how quickly you want it done.
Neko: I was thinking more along the lines of To Heart or Comic Party
Kailieann: The To Heart 2 translation is free
Neko: I *really* want to play comic party
Neko: ...so?
Kailieann: I think I downloaded the CG
Kailieann: To Heart 2 has Komaki and the Himeyuri twins, therefor it owns
Neko: ....so?
Kailieann: It also has HMX-17a Ilfa, but we don't care about her
Neko: *googles*
Kailieann: I'm not that interested in Kanon, and I've already extensively played To Heart. And to be honest, it wasn't that great. I didn't care much for the art style, especially the way they drew Remmy
Neko: Hmmm....I think I might.
Kailieann: err
Kailieann: not that interested in Comic Party
Kailieann: More interested in AIR
Kailieann: No idea where Kanon came from
Neko: Well if you dont want any games translated, fine. Screw you I'll find somebody who does.
Kailieann: I don't like what's-her-face and the other one, though
Neko: <.<
Kailieann: Tamaki and Karin
Kailieann: Tamaki looks like she's 30, and Karin looks like an anthropomorphized Pokemon
Neko: Hey
Neko: Ive seen some mighty fine pikagirls.
Kailieann: Sango's voice sample doesn't do a very good job of showcasing her oosaka-ben. But fortunately Ruri's does.
Neko: Sango? From Inuyasha?
Kailieann: Sango Himeyuri. The blue-haired one.
Neko: "the blue haired one?"
Neko: From what?
Kailieann: The blue-haired Himeyuri twin from To Heart 2. Pay attention.
Neko: Oh
Kailieann: Daniel is very less than Sebastian, though
Kailieann: Did Yuuki just call me Takoyaki-san?
Neko: *snert*
Kailieann: http://www.aquaplus.co.jp/th2/html/characters.html
Neko: I click the voice sample button and hear "taka-kun"
Kailieann: That's Konomi, though. Yuuki's the one on the bottom
Neko: Oh
Neko: Im on the wrong character
Neko: I hear takayuku
Neko: ^takayuki
Kailieann: *glares at torrent* 8.9%
Neko: I could imagine it being takoyaki
Kailieann: I have just over 90% to find a PS2/emulator
Neko: .......
Neko: Working PS2 emulators dont exsist.
Neko: What are you downloading?
Kailieann: Oh
Kailieann: my
Kailieann: god
Neko: ?
Kailieann: *baps you with a rolled-up newspaper*
Kailieann: TO HEART 2
Neko: ....its a PS2 game?
Kailieann: Yes
Neko: ......
Neko: Is it hentai?
Neko: ....wait. Its on PS2 and its being translated? =O
Neko: ....jesus I sound like omex ~.~
Neko: *ahem*
Neko: Is it hentai?
Kailieann: *points at the sample CG for--* screw that *points at the banner at the top of the page which shows LESBIAN TWINCEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD*
Neko: Whaaaat? <.<
Neko: Ok, the big question. Is the american version going to have the H stuff in it? <.<
Kailieann: fan translation
Neko: Oooooooooohhhh
Neko: Things begin to make sense!
Neko: .....SHIT!
Neko: That means I have to mod my ps2 <.<
Kailieann: *finds wallpapers*
Kailieann: *punts Serene and Ein off her desktop* Hel-LO, Komaki!
Kailieann: And unlike Ein, half her face isn't covered by Trillian
Neko: haha
Kailieann: egads
Kailieann: The.. what was her name? The Pokemon?
Kailieann: Karin
Neko: Are we talking about a pokemon or a character IN pokemon?
Neko: Oh
Neko: dont know her
Neko: What about her?
Kailieann: her wallpaper is positively creepy
Neko: ?
Kailieann: http://www.aquaplus.co.jp/th2/images/wp/toh2_04_1024.jpg I'm telling you, that's no human, it's a freaking Pokemon in a seifuku
Neko: .....hot though <3
Kailieann: I'd debate that, but I like Shiho, so what the hell do I know?
Neko: And how!
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Date:August 24th, 2005 06:03 pm (UTC)
Neko: Is it hentai?
Neko: ....wait. Its on PS2 and its being translated? =O
Neko: ....jesus I sound like omex ~.~

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